Nicola Haverty Conway

I joined Community Minds as I believe change happens at local level. This group takes real people and makes them accessible to others – in an easy to find platform. Mental Health is something that is slowly becoming normal to discuss. As a first responder, I am now trained (along with our other group members) to help in whatever manner is required – sometimes it is a friendly ear; sometimes it is support; sometimes it is through intervention.

I am contactable through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. If you are not a social media person, I live in the Cullenstown Strand area of Wexford and am happy to meet for a non-judgemental chat.

I am on the committee of the local playschool (Carrig on Bannow); a mentor with the Wexford CoderDojo (Wexford Town); an active patrol member of Wexford Marinewatch (Wexford Town) and a Scout Leader with 25th Wexford Scout Group (Piercetown).