Sylvester Donegan

I joined community minds because I believe that we have become disconnected from each other as a society and that reconnection on many levels will improve our communities and by extension our lives and the lives of those we care about. The increasing levels of suicide and incidences of people finding themsleves in crisis is a worry to me personally and a social issue affecting our neighbours, friends and families on a daily basis.

Community minds offers a local, informal set up that emphasises the value of reconnecting and encouraging mutual supports in our own localities to provide an ear or shoulder for people who cannot or feels unable to access crisis services or may just need some empathetic assistance. This approach appeals to me on many levels and I can see the real, tangible benefits to my home, street , club and town.

I help out with the Faythe Harriers Under 6 teams, I am a member of the CBS Primary School Board of Management and I live and work in Wexford town and am happy to make myself available to anyone who wishes to talk